Jan 252013

Why is Fantasy boat party so famous?
Because it’s in operation since 1993. Fantasy Boat Party is leading Ayia Napa event with over 2000 parties thrown and the information on the Fantasy Boat Party has compounded over time through internet exposure, print media and personal experiences from the public. Also, being a strictly tourist or big occasion event (hens, bucks, birthday, etc) the expectation of the Fantasy Boat becomes enhanced by the sense of the occasion from the customer. It is also worth noting that swimming into the Mediterranean sea is a dream come true for many people, particularly for individuals who do not live near any sea or ocean. Add the music and atmosphere, people kind of lose themselves into the moment. For these reasons, Fantasy becomes a talking point as a moment shared in one’s or each others lives.

What happens?
The pre party starts at 4pm on their Black Pearl Pirate Boat down in the Ayia Napa Harbour.Food is provided and consists of roast chicken, Greek salad and potato while the tunes are being play by DJ Danny Panic.
Around 5.30 a group photo is taken which is then given for FREE at the end of the evening and then everyone heads of to the Napa Queen boat to get the party started.

What is the boat like?
The top floor is a dance floor which has a dj and mc playing all the best tunes from including HipHop/Old School/UKG/Funky House/RNB/Jungle/Bashment and Breakbeats.
The middle Level is a bigger bar as well as a lounge area and a dance floor, while the lower floor has showers, toilets, cabins and changing areas.

Who is on board?
Marshall DJ’s and hosts each boat party (with special guests) and if you have been to Ayia Napa before chances are you will have met Marshall before, a true Ayia Napa Legend.
Constable Cruise is on board and is the most corruptible cop you will ever meat. He has the power to arrest people, give you free drinks and handcuff guys to the girl of your choice (result!).
A stripper comes on for 15 mins to get the girls all worked up into a frenzy, there is no stripper for the boys but hopefully the girls should be worked up so that should make you happy.

What happens afterwards?
The boat returns at about 9pm to Ayia Napa harbour where buses are waiting to take the crowd to the after party, tickets are given to Ayia Napas top clubs.  Fantasy boat distributes FREE ENTRANCE TICKETS to Ayia Napa’s top night clubs to all guests on board!
The boat party is filmed and put on YouTube and Facebook free of charge.

What is the dress code?
Dress code is Bikinis and Boardshorts (there is 3 opportunities to get in the sea and have a swim) or you could wear fancy dress or pirate gear.