Jan 172014
Mayhem Bar Crawl Ayia Napa takes you to the best and most renowned bars and clubs in Ayia Napa. The mission… to cause MAYHEM!

    The bar crawl costs 25 euros a ticket.

    What is included?

  • Deals in all the bars
  • Famous Mayhem drinking games
  • Free entrance to Castle Club and the after party in Club Aqua
  • Unlimited FREE shots (Sambuca, Tequila) on entrance to every bar
  • Mayhem crew patrolling all the time with bottles of Sambuca and Tequila
  • Professional Photographer & Videographer
  • Free DVD capturing the Mayhem
  • Free Mayhem T-shirt
  • You also get discount on the Napa Bungee
  • Absolute Mayhem!

Mayhem Ayia Napa Bars:


Why should you do it.

Champagne boat race
Unlimited shots
Cheap drinks
Beer bongs and party games
Entrance to Biggest club and Best after club in Ayia Napa
As the whole night is captured on CAMERA you can re-live the Mayhem when you are at home
Quality prizes and giveaways
Wet T-shirt competitions
Wet boxer competitions

About Mayhem barcrawl

Mayhem is one of the newest night time events in ayia napa starting 2011 but it was instantly a big success pulling in large numbers of people. Mayhem consists of many Crazy staff making sure you have a wicked night by pouring Sambuca and sours in your mouths, getting you set up for all drinking games and the legendary “Feed the pigeions” in the world famous Linekers bar.

In the first bar you have the opportunity to get yourself a raffle ticket as there will be 3 draws throughout the night giving away smaller prizes of jugs of cocktails, bottles of Sambuca etc. to main prizes such as 2 tickets for the Ayia Napa Water Park, ticket for other top events in Napa, meal for two in plush restaurants to a Free week holiday to different destinations!

There is host following the bar crawl to each bar getting you pumped up for Castle Club the biggest club in Ayia Napa with many top names playing such as Pukka up, Alex Kidd. Entrance to all rooms are included in the price of your mayhem ticket.
This is the only barcrawl event that will get you Free entrance to one of the most famous clubs in Europe The Castle Club!

Also professional camera man and editor are following the bar crawl who will be taking pictures for Facebook and filming the whole night. All the videos will be then uploaded onto the website and the censored version will be loaded to YouTube for everyone’s enjoyment.