Jan 142014
Looking for an adrenalin rush on your Trip? Experience Bungee in Ayia Napa! Napa Bungee conforms to the Australian and New Zealand safety standards which adheres to a rigorous code of practice for Bungee Jumping. So Just Do it. Go Jump!

On the day of your jump the following checks are undertaken:

All bungee cords, harnesses, the jump cage, crane and all remaining equipment are checked twice by two separate people. These checks are signed for before jumping commences. You are weighed, harnessed and attached to the correct cord and everything checked again by 2 separate people before jumping.

All staff are trained in how to deal with apprehensive jumpers, so don’t worry just relax and enjoy your jump!

The Ayia Napa Bungee is operating since 1993 and safety is the first priority. Every day before start of work everything is double checked. Everything has to be in perfect condition to start the day.

The professional staff is always ready to give you the ultimate adrenalin experience.

Address: Behind McDonalds