Jan 252014
The concept doesn’t need much introduction, when you mix sunny weather surrounded by chic turquoise swimming pools and hundreds if not thousands Champagne bottles spraying, popping, raining or any other way you prefer it… to add to the fun and spicing up a notch, ViP booths, tables service and sofa beds are available as well as gourmet bites and amuse-bouches treats. Runs every Saturday, starting at 4pm until 9pm.

The best DJ’s Napa has to offer. Every Saturday!

  • Champagne bottle gives to everyone upon entry
  • Famous DJs from around the world and Cyprus
  • Celebrity appearances
  • Giveaways and prizes

Must do Event in Ayia Napa 2017!

For more info and ticket please visit the official website: http://NapaSpray.com