Jan 122014
Waterworld is award-winning Greek themed waterpark in Ayia Napa. The park opens every summer in April.
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Having attained a total of 25 International awards, it firmly remains Cyprus’s Number one tourist attraction. The prestigious award given to Waterworld last season was for its impressive Media pack with its original brochures, maps and information. It clearly depicts the Greek mythological setting at Waterworld, resplendent with Greek columns, statues, fountains and plazas. Indeed as the slogan writes: ‘Where myth becomes reality’ All of the Waterworld’s major attractions are clearly shown, briefly telling their own mythological tale. These include ‘Poseidon’s Wave Pool’, ‘Drop to Atlantis’, ‘Apollo’s Plunge’, ‘Fall of Icarus – the world’s first Boomerango ride!!’, ‘Quest of Heracles’, ‘Aeolos Whirlpool’ and many more. Last year five attractions have had a complete face lift including; Aeolos Whirlpool, Chariot Chase and the Children’s Trojan Adventure.
Having recently introduced the `Minotaur Wet Bubble’, a big hit with the children, Waterworld conjured up something more daring for the young-at-heart Inspired by the God of the Gods – Zeus, Waterworld now brings you Thunderbolt and Lightning.
Thunderbolt is placed next to the existing Lightning speed slide with sharp twists and a steep drop. This ride is not for the faint-hearted! The height restriction on this ride is marked at only 1.20 meters so most brave young warriors can usually reach that mark at 6 or 7 years of age! Look out for this spectacular new bright red and yellow ride towering over the park at over 60 feet high.
Waterworld in Ayia Napa offers something for every age group. Even the less adventurous looking for more relaxation will be pleasantly surprised with the ‘River Odyssey’ Riders can float gently around our long and winding Lazy River or bathe in the huge Wave pool which stretches over 3000 square meters. The Aphrodite Baths with jets and geysers also make a refreshing break. Parents can also escort young children and toddlers in several children’s areas which are designated ‘Children only’
With the variety of world-class rides and Attractions, food outlets, souvenirs and facilities, Water world truly lives up to its reputation as Cyprus’s Number one Tourist Attraction by far.

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Address: 18, Ayia Thekla Road, Ayia Napa, 5345, Cyprus
Telephone: +357 23 724444